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  • I just returned from a trip to Canada and Moraine lake is a must see for everyone visiting, can you spot the tiny Canoe in the middle of the lake? I’ll be posting a lot more content from this Canada trip on @michielpieters in the coming weeks make sure to tune in.
If you guys want to hear @michielpieters top tips and inspiration, read his interview now! (Link in bio.) #canon_photos #cpcollectives
  • Hey everyone, this is @michielpieters here and I’ll be sharing a few of the favorite photos I made in the last few months. I’m an outdoor photographer from Belgium, with a weak spot for sunrises and lakes so I’ll show you some of my favorite photos combining both. Let's kick it off with a shot from everybody’s favorite mountain in Europe: Matterhorn. Spending the night under the stars here was an experience i’ll never forget.
@michielpieters has done an amazing interview for us which he includes his favourite places to go and all the equipment he uses! Hit the link in our bio to read it now! 
#canon_photos #cpcollectives
  • Photography |@tom_juenemann
Geroldsee, Bayern / Germany
Canon 6D + 24-70mm
ISO 200 | f7.1 | 1/100
#canon_photos #germany #canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #horizoncp
  • Photography | @giuligartner
Mount Cook, New Zealand
24-70mm| ISO 200 | f4 | 1/200
#canon_photos #newzealand #mountcook #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #horizoncp
  • Photography | @rachstewartnz
West coast NZ
Canon 5Mkiv + 16-35
ISO 100 | f/10 | 1/30 secs
#Canon_Photos #NZ #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #horizoncp
  • Photography | @nattesferd 
Dolomites, Italy 
Canon 5D Mkv IV - 24-70mm 
ISO 100 | f/4,5 | 1/125s
#canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #horizoncp

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