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  • Photography | @se_images 
Val di Funes, Italy
Canon 6D +24-70
1/400th | f/5 | ISO100
#canon_photos #cpcollectives #xpocreatives
  • Here we have an epic photo from the runner up of our recent CP Collectives Preset Competition @crisp_artography! Well done again Marvin! ↓

Hey everyone I am Marvin @crisp_artography. I have been in the photography community for about 9 months now and still learning as I go. I am using Canon 5D Mark III. Currently base in Oahu, HI. The photo above is one of the three species of native Hawaiian turtles Honu (Green Sea Turtle). In Hawaii, Honu is their ancestral spirit guide who leads and protect them throughout their lives. Honu represents Mana (spiritual energy), longevity, peace, wisdom and safety. Hope you guys enjoy and like my photos. 
#canon_photos #cpcollectives
  • Brand New Blog👇
‘Top Insta Spots In The Phillipines!’ (Link in bio). Recently, our team headed to the Philippines on an amazing trip over 2 weeks. We now have an epic blog, featuring their best spots on the trip written by @ianharper. If you want to get some inspiration for your next trip, just hit the link in our bio now. It’s available on our website CP Collectives. 
Photography | @henry.nathan 
#canon_photos #cpcollectives
  • Photography | @federico.sette
85mm | ISO 100 | f1.8 | 1/4000
#canon_photos #switzerland #husky
  • Photography |@kaminskiphotography  Yosemite National Park, California. Canon 5DIII+ 16-35mm f2.8. f/16 | ISO 100 | 1.0sec #canon_photos #xpocreatives #cpcollectives #horizoncp
  • Hey guys @henry.nathan & @ianharper here! This is an invitation to you to join us on our first creators week away in June!

All the creative elements on the trip are prepared as bespoke experiences for those with any level of experience. The week is prepped as a stretching week where novices can learn from those on the trip that are further along in their journey, and experts can fine tune something they want to work on. Every creator will have a chance to specify their needs and will be able to have personal feedback that will equip them with the tools they need to get to the next stage in their career as a content creator.

Sharing the same space and networking with other creators, as well as being present on several of the shoots we have planned, will prove invaluable. We'd love to encourage you in your journey as a visual artist and content creator.

For more info check out the link in our bio! Perhaps we will be travelling and creating content together soon!

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