Ninzio themes supports Visual Composer. All Visual Composer settings are available with Ninzio themes. Some modifications and improvements done to make Ninzio themes and Visual Composer union stronger.
VIsual composer settings should be adjusted as follows

Content types: pages, Disable responsive content elements: OFF (don’t disable)

Ninzio themes have a lot of shortcodes. Almost all of them have been integrated with Visual Composer. Some of Visual Composer shortcodes have been modified to make 100% of use.

Here we are not going to cover all elements, integrated in VC, because they are simple and intuitive. But we will highlight some important elements with important customization.



First and one of most importat elements in Row. And the most important setting is Full width option. If you want your content to be 100% screen width, just set full width option to True.



We added animation options to columns and margin bottom toggle. Margin bottom toggle can be useful if for some reason you don’t need native 25px margin-bottom of column.


Custom heading

Custom heading is native VC element, but it has some specific configuration. If you ever have problems with custom font-family select, this can fixed by activating file_get_contents() option from php.ini in your host. If it is local, you can activate it by yourself, if it is web server ask your provider to activate it.



To make mailchimp subscribe form work properly, you need some customization: need action and name attributes. Infromation about how to find these attributes you can find at Widgets section of knowledgebase, see mailchimp.