To make it available to use google map shortcode or have map in contact pages, you need to customize google map options. The first thing that you need is google map API (required) and Google map Client ID if you have google map for business. (optional).


To create your API key:

  • Visit the APIs Console at and log in with your Google Account.
  • Click the APIs & auth link from the left-hand menu.
  • Activate the Google Maps API v3 service
  • Click the Credentials, you should see Public API access section and Create new key red button
  • Click the button, you will see a modal window, click “Browser key” from modal window
  • Another modal window will appear, enter into textbox your website url and click create
  • Now, if everything is ok, you should see your API key
  • Copy your google API key and paste in Google map API text field

To access the special features of the Google Maps API for Business, you must provide a client ID when accessing any of the API libraries or services. When registering for Google Maps API for Business, you will receive this client ID from Google Enterprise Support. Once you received client ID enter it in google map client ID text field.