Ninzio themes have different demo data included. Xml files for pages, posts, txt file for theme options and wie file for widgets.
To install demo data you need to follow these steps:
  • During installation process you need to install required plugins “One Click Demo Import” and “Regenerate thumbnails”. Just follow the installation process.
  • Once installed “One Click Demo Import” plugin you will see a new menu item in Appearance >> Import Demo Data
  • From Appearance >> Import Demo Data admin area choose the xml file (all.xml) and choose the widgets.wie file, click “Import demo data” button
  • Once imported data go to Tools >> Regen. thumbnails and click the button “Regenerate All Thumbnails”
  • Next go to Appearance >> Theme options >> Import/Export And Import the options.txt file. (header1_options.txt header2_options.txt, depending what header demo you want, check the theme demo). Open the txt file and copy the content, go to theme options >> import/Export click the import button, paste the code and click import.
  • Also you need to assign imported menu to theme locations. Go to Appearance >> Menus from there go to “Manage Locations” and assign appropriate menu to appropriate location.
  • If you have “Revolution slider” you will need to import it also. Go to Revolution slider wordpress menu and from there choose import slider, the slider demo file is a zip archive file