If you need to create one page layout, you need to customize some options, found in theme options >> general, and also create page itself. First thing you need to do is create a page, with sections (row) that have unique id given to it (row id option). Try to name it as unique as possible. Use prefixed, like this: nz-about, nz-team, nz-contact

After you created your page you need to tell wordpress, that you are going to use this page as a one page layout. Under page editor find an option “one page”, turn it on, now wordpress understands, that this page is going to be used as one page layout.

Next you need to assign your sections to menu. And here you have two options: if you want your one page navigation to be your header menu, you need to add sections to header menu. If you want your one page layout to have aside navigation with bullets, add menu items with your sections to One page menu.

First of course, you need to create a menu, go to Apperiance >> Menus and create a menu. And here is the important thing: if you need top level navigation as your one page layout navigation assign your menu to Header Menu, if you want aside bullets as your navigation assign your menu to One Page Bullets.

To add sections of one page to menu you need absolute path of your url + #id (example – http://mysite.com#nz-about). Only in this way your one page menu will work properly.

Now it is time to see theme options of one page layout. Go to theme settings >> general

First thing you need to do is to choose navigation type – bullets/top menu. Here you can also adjust speed of scroll. If you want to show id in your browser url field when navigating from section to section turn on layout hash.

Again one more important option – One page menu filter. If for some reason you need a top level menu, that has both internal links of one page layout and also external links, that are not part of your one page layout, here you need to enter comma separated ids if menu items, that you don’t need to include. How to find menu ids? Use google chrome developer tool to inspect a menu item and find out id.

One more important thing – if you choosed one page bullets you need to give a title to menu item to make it vissible on hover. Go to Apperiance >> Menus, from screen options check title and in title write menu items names. That name will be vissible in tooltip.